What Happens To Your Body When You Drink Black Tea Every Day

Black tea is a popular beverage that has been enjoyed for centuries. It is a rich brew, with surprising health benefits, and it tastes great too! In China and India, the drinking of tea is an important part of their traditions and customs. It is even used in treating medical conditions.


What Happens To Your Body When You Drink Black Tea Every Day?


1. It Has Anti-Cancer Properties


Tea consumption has been found to be associated with reduced risk of several types of cancer, particularly cancers in the digestive system. The active ingredient, called EGCG [epigallocatechin gallate], plays a key role in cancer prevention.


2. It Helps Fight Heart Disease


The tea catechins can protect against heart disease. Tea consumption has been associated with reduced risk of stroke, heart attack and even death from a heart attack by at least 50%. If you have diabetes, or insulin resistance it might help too as it may lower your blood sugar levels.


3. It Can Help with Diabetes


Studies have found that EGCG can modulate blood sugar levels and lower them as much as 10%! This is especially useful in people with diabetes as ideally they seek to keep their blood sugar at a level which is neither too high nor too low. Precisely what happens to your body when you drink black tea every day? To increase your blood sugar levels, coffee will often be recommended. However, coffee can seem counter-intuitive for those who are seeking to avoid this type of illness.


4. It May Help With Obesity


Research has shown that sweet tea consumption may help with fat loss! People who drink sweet tea are less likely to become obese than those who do not. There is a strong association between sweet tea consumption and lower body weight and body fat percentage. Scientists aren't sure why this is, but it may be to do with EGCG's ability to boost the activity of enzymes that convert sugar into energy instead of fat.


5. It Can Help With The Common Cold


Drinking tea can reduce your risk of catching the common cold by 50%. A study found that drinking tea reduces your risk of colds by 65% in the first month and by 50% in following months. Those who drank 2-3 cups per day had the best results.


6. It Can Prevent PMS


Black tea can help to ease the symptoms of PMS, such as cramping and headaches. Drinking tea is thought to be particularly effective at alleviating and treating premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD).


7. It Can Help Banish Hot Flashes


Black tea has been found to have a positive effect on hot flushes in women who are premenopausal. The EGCG and other antioxidants in black tea reduce the amount of menopause-related hormones that occur during hot flashes.


8. It Can Help Good Cholesterol


Black tea may lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol levels, which can help protect against heart disease. Two cups of black tea a day can also improve blood pressure and cholesterol levels.


9. It Can Help You Maintain Weight


It has been found that up to two full cups of tea per day may help you maintain your weight. Drinking 2-3 cups of black tea a day will help to increase the amount of thermogenic hormones in the body, which is thought to make you burn more calories throughout the day.

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