What Are The Best Milk Tea Flavors?

If you have already paid a visit to a milk tea shop, one thing you’ll probably notice is that there is a variety of flavors to choose from. While this might be exciting, it’s also quite dizzying at the same time. Whether you are a milk tea fanatic, or a milk tea virgin who is yet to indulge in it, the wide choice of flavor would make it difficult for you.

Knowing the best milk tea would help you in this situation, so I did some research, and here are the 5 of the best milk teas which you can consider trying.

Taiwan Classic Bubble Tea

This flavor of milk tea is famously known as Pearl Milk Tea, Bubble Milk Tea, or simply Boba. Named after its original country, the Taiwan Classic Bubble Tea is a savory concoction of tea, non-dairy creamer (or skimmed milk), and sweetening syrup with tapioca pearls. This flavor is deemed one of the best for its simple, yet appealing taste that is ideal, especially for those who want to try milk tea for the first time.

Wintermelon Milk tea

Another one of the best milk tea flavors is the Wintermelon. This milk tea gained its popularity almost everywhere, as proven by its availability on almost every milk tea shop. Made with almost the same ingredients as the former, the Wintermelon differs uniquely because of the Wintermelon syrup added in it, which is undeniably loved by many milk tea fanatics.

Thai Milk Tea

Thai Milk Tea is known for its stronger yet sweeter and fuller flavor. From Taiwan to Thailand, this is made distinct through its Thai Tea Leaves, which contain a unique strong flavor. The full flavor it contains comes from the Half & Half, a brand of milk produced by blending equal parts of whole milk and light cream. With its 10-12% fat content, it gives out that strong, sweet, and full flavor which transforms the milk tea to a completely indulging drink.

Matcha Milk Tea

If ever there’s a word that would be best associated with Tea, it would be Matcha. Matcha is a kind of tea that is produced through fine grinding and processing of green tea leaves. Unlike any other tea, this is consumed not by brewing but by mixing, leaving every part of the tea leaf on the drink to provide greater tea flavor. As this main ingredient is combined with an Almond Milk and Honey, the Matcha Milk Tea paved its way to being marked as one of the best above all Milk Tea Flavors.

Brown Sugar Milk Tea

As the last but not the least flavor that is sought and craved by many, the Brown Sugar Milk Tea provides that rich sweet sensation to the taste buds, all because of its unique ingredient, from which it got its name – brown sugar. Most makers of Brown Sugar Milk Tea uses syrup made from Muscovado sugar, which has that rich sweet taste compared to the white sugar. Combined with Black Tea and Full-cream Milk, Brown Sugar Milk Tea brings out a rich deep sweetness that will satisfy everyone who drinks it.

Considering which flavor is the best will always be a personal preference. However, this would give you an idea about the opinion of a lot of milk tea lovers, which will help you decide what to order. With these flavors in mind, you can now venture into milk tea shops and start satisfying your cravings.

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