Things You Need To Know About Bubble Tea 

If you thought that the only way to enjoy milk tea was the British way, then you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Lots of cultures have embraced milk tea and there are a number of ways to enjoy it. Let us tell you about four of the most popular.

What type of tea is used in milk tea?

Building your own bubble tea drink? The first thing to consider for many people is the type of tea to include.Most bubble teas are made with black tea, green tea, oolong tea or white tea .

Black Tea (or red tea, as it is known in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan) - By far, black tea, especially Earl Grey, is the most popular option for bubble tea.

Green Tea - Especially jasmine green tea and green tea powders such as matcha.

Oolong Tea - Standard oolong tea is a popular option, though green oolong is another favorite for many bubble tea drinkers.

White Tea - Although so-called 'white tea' (though not actually "real" white tea) is a relatively popular option in some Western countries, it is rarely used for bubble tea in Taiwan.

As bubble tea has grown, it seems that bubble tea doesn't even have to include tea. Newer variations include "Snow Ice" (a sort of powdered-coffee-based, frozen-and-blended drink), cream-based drinks, and fruit-based drinks that are made without any actual tea. They are sold at bubble tea shops as yet another of the seemingly endless variations on this popular theme of flavored drinks with chewy things in them.

Can you steep tea in milk?

Milk tea is your most traditional type of bubble tea. This is just different types of tea with milk;it can be rooibos, jasmine, genmaicha, Assam... It's just tea with milk and toppings added. ... Ice tea can be any tea, but with different fruit flavours added, rather than milk.

Above all,the tea body takes an important role for a good bubble tea,not only for its elegant taste,but also for its healthy function.

In addition, you will find bubble tea in these forms, though they're not as popular as those in the previous list.

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