Thing You Need To Know About Sleeping Tea

There is a lot of different teas, and effects of them. After some of them, we feel extra energized but with some others, we feel sleepy after the cup of it.

We will focus on sleeping tea, what it does for your body and what exactly is in it to cause those effects.


We've all been there where we can't sleep for a long time, so little help from a cup of tea isn't a bad idea.


There are a lot of different sleeping teas for different people, sometimes can take a long time to find a perfect tea. Tea can taste very delicious but it doesn't work the miracle.


One Of The Most Popular Ingredients For Sleeping Tea Are :


· Chamomile

Chamomile is an ingredient that creates relaxing effects on the mind and body, it is similar to the effect of melatonin supplements. This ingredient is very popular for bedtime teas because it has chamazulene which helps to relax the nervous system. And it also has apigenin which is a mild sedative.

So it's a safe bet if you want to drink it and relax before bed.


· Lavender

Lavender is another ingredient that is very popular in sleeping teas. Studies have shown that the actual scent of the plant indicates a more relaxed state than actually ingesting it. Lavender helps with relaxation but it helps to calm anxiety and stress. And sometimes that's the reason why we cant sleep.


· Valerian root

This plant can have a very strong odor, sometimes similar to car urine, and that is sometimes a slightly off-putting thing. But this ingredient has much more sleep aid than other sleeping tea ingredients. And if you can pass by the smell it can prove you to be a very effective sleeping tea. However, you should always consult with a physician before trying anything new. But it's sure that one or two cups can help you sleep easier.


Is Sleeping Tea An Effective Sleep Aid

There is no simply not too much research to truly back it up. But there is a fact that ingredients like lavender, chamomile, and valerian root promote the feeling of being tired. But drinking a warm and calming cup of tea which helps you relax before bed is a very good habit to have.


After all I hope you will enjoy your cup of tea, sleepy or not. 

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