The wonders of Tea

Tea is a celebrated organic and natural drink that is fit for any age and cultural inclination. This drink is prepared in many kinds and procedures which make it more interesting and praiseworthy. The reputation of tea comes enormously different from country to country as it can taste very different and varied. Being one of the most popular and most consumed drinks in the world, there are different types, flavors, benefits, and tastes. Some may also have different colors according to its organic processing and manufacturing. It is said that tea differs in the degree of the fermentation and oxidization of the tea leaves, flowers, fruits, and seeds. The less fermented tea leaves have lighter to greener or yellowish colors, while the heavily oxidized and fermented tend to be reddish or orangey. It can also be according to the tea leaves as to which plant it was sourced from. Traditional teas may usually contain caffeine due to its natural ingredients coming from plant sources.


It may sound surprising to you but all teas come from the same tea plant. Mainly, tea is produced from tea leaves from a tea plant or "Camelia Sinensis". The different tea types from the Camelia Sinensis are White Tea, Black Tea, Oolong tea, Green Tea, Yellow Tea, Dark Tea, and Herbal Teas. Of these types, infused teas are considered the not-so-natural ones.


White teas are the more natural ones, the leaves are plucked and purified and are only dried indoors or outdoors at very low temperatures. For fresher options, white teas are the greater choice. Thus, it also has more antioxidants. Green tea is also high in antioxidants but is heated after the drying phase to prevent the leaves from higher levels of oxidation. Hence, this has more tea tastes compared to white tea. The Yellow tea is processed with wrapping after the drying and heating process which causes more oxidation to its leaves giving a more mellow bitter taste. The Oolong tea is intendedly processed to have more oxidation as it could also be roasted or baked in some cases. The most consumed type of tea is Black Tea which has undergone the complete oxidation process and period of withering. The oxidation process makes the tea less bitter and brings out a sweeter flavor to it. Dark tea which is the more uncommon type and is less available in the markets is processed almost the same as green teas and black teas. But what is more special about Dark tea is they are aged for a long period of time which makes it more oxidized and flavorful.


Lastly, the other type of tea is called infused tea or "Tisanes". These are those when you see teas that are flavored. Herbal teas, fruit teas, flower teas, and all other teas that are more commercialized are the infused types. flavors from fruits, flowers, and nuts are infused in any major tea type this is why different tea benefits, flavors, and tastes have emerged. The practice of consuming tea has become more creative and artistic through the possibility that tea can be infused that comes up with tea different flavors, and tea different tastes. With the different processes and preparation of tea leaves for brewing or infusing, these reasons generally produce different tea benefits, different tea types, and different tea flavors and colors. 

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