The glorious blessings of Tea

Tea has been consumed for millions of years by royal families and entities. Tea may not be a popular option for people during the new millennium due to the emergence of some manufactured artificial, flavored, chemically-induced drinks such as cola, coda, and hydrolyzed water in a bottle. Drinking tea is a traditional practice by the ancient kingdoms of China and all other Asian countries. Drinking of tea and the presence of tea leaves used for making and brewing tea has been existent during the revolutionary, Industrialization, and the medieval era.


In the past recent modern generations, tea has not been a famous drink, especially for the youth and middle-aged people as there are more preferable options to quench thirst, satisfy their taste buds, and experience something new flavors. However, the practice of drinking tea has not been considered a trend because of the lowkey reputation of the drink to be enjoyable and worth sharing with friends or family members.


The trend of drinking tea began when it started to be commercialized. Loose tea leaves have been brewed and infused with different fruity and nutty flavors to make them more become enjoyable and popping to the taste preferences of many consumers, especially children. Since the start of the booming capitalism when everything seems more attractive if it is classy or upscale, the practices of drinking tea by the ancient royal and medieval families have been imitated by cafes and tea houses.


The preference for brewing loose tea leaf at home or buying one at cafes have slowly been popularized by several companies and lifestyle options. Moreover, since the inclination toward the "healthy living" notion, drinking natural tea from loose tea leaf packs and authentic Chinese tea has grown as a normal household recommendation. The commercialization of some tea recipes like fruit blend tea or blending brewed tea with some flavors in syrup or juices induced the appetites of the youngsters to consume the healthy drink.


In the U.S. alone, the consumption of tea has doubled in the past twenty years so it has officially become a trending drink for the current society. The demand for tea made many tea factories produce more innovative tea recipes, flavors, and packaging. There were also many emergences of new tea factories specializing in promoting a new tea-drinking experience. Even coffee houses and brands have been keeping up with the trend of introducing tea-drinking practices for the consumers. The kind of tea drink that is popularly consumed are ready-to-drink tea and blend tea drinks which can be found in any shops, groceries, and stores anywhere.


In 2014 and 2019, tea consumption has gone to over 6% annually which contributed to the economic growth and employment opportunities from farming, manufacturing, and establishments of tea factories and shops. With these, the world has realized that drinking tea is not only a good thing for businesses and enjoyment like tourism and consumption but planting tea leaves also helped the environment. Undeniably, the function of tea is not only on the health aspects. It functions both for the mind and body of the consumers that is why tea is preferred by millions of people that any other drink. 

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