Spring Tea Harvest: When to Expect the 2024 Pickings?

As the warmth of spring slowly awakens the earth, tea enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the arrival of the season's first harvest. Across various regions of China, the timing of the spring tea harvest varies, influenced by climate, altitude, and local agricultural practices. In this blog post, we delve into the anticipated harvest schedule for 2024, offering insights into when you can expect to savor the fresh flavors of spring tea from different provinces.

Harvest Schedule Across Provinces:

Hainan Province: November 2023 to early February 2024

Green tea harvest spans from late November to early February, offering an early start to the spring tea season in this southern province.

Guizhou Province: Early January to early February

Green tea aficionados can anticipate the harvest window from early January to early February, reflecting the unique climatic conditions of Guizhou.

Sichuan Province: Late January to mid-February

The lush tea gardens of Sichuan welcome the picking season from late January to mid-February, providing teas renowned for their vibrant flavors.

Yunnan Province: Mid to late January

Yunnan's tea gardens come alive with activity from mid to late January, offering a delightful array of green teas to enthusiasts.

Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region: Late January to early February

Green tea harvest extends from late January to early February, with black tea production commencing from mid-March, showcasing the region's tea diversity.

Zhejiang Province: Mid to late February to late March

Known for its famous Longjing tea, Zhejiang's harvest spans from mid to late February, with the season extending into late March, providing a wide range of teas to enjoy.

Fujian Province: Mid to late February to early April

Fujian's tea gardens offer a prolonged picking season, with green tea harvest ranging from mid to late February and extending into early April, allowing for a diverse tea selection.

Hubei Province: Mid to late February to early March

Tea enthusiasts can expect the spring harvest in Hubei to commence from mid to late February, extending into early March, capturing the essence of the season in every cup.

Chongqing Municipality: Mid to late February

The bustling city of Chongqing welcomes the tea harvest from mid to late February, marking the onset of spring in this vibrant region.

Jiangxi Province: Late February to mid-March

Tea lovers in Jiangxi can look forward to the picking season from late February to mid-March, offering a diverse range of teas reflective of the province's rich tea heritage.

Early Harvest Varieties:

Special early-harvest tea tree varieties such as Wuniu and Longjing Changye have already commenced picking in 2024, with expectations for further harvests in early March. These teas offer connoisseurs a glimpse into the nuanced flavors of spring, heralding the beginning of the tea season.

In summary, the spring tea harvest in China unfolds across various provinces, each offering unique flavors and characteristics shaped by local terroir and traditions. As we await the arrival of 2024's spring tea, the anticipated harvest windows provide a guide for tea enthusiasts eager to sample the season's freshest offerings. Whether it's the delicate notes of green tea or the robust flavors of black tea, the spring harvest promises a sensory journey that celebrates the essence of nature's awakening.

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