How to Choose a Good Bubble Tea Supplier



How to Choose a Good Bubble Tea Supplier


With the increasing popularity and rapid expansion of the bubble tea market, customers both domestically in China and internationally have developed a growing fondness for a cup of bubble tea made with tea and various supplies. Consequently, the number of bubble tea brands has increased, and it has become essential to understand the criteria for an excellent bubble tea supplier.


Firstly, stable tea leaf quality is critical. Many newcomers fail to give enough importance to this aspect. In fact, the quality of tea leaves is the most variable ingredient in a cup of bubble tea. Industrial production of fruit juice, jams, milk powder, fructose, etc., are all highly stable, but tea leaves are the only ingredient that can vary in quality. Thus, bubble tea shop owners need to ensure that the tea leaves' quality remains consistent across batches, or it may lead to poor customer experience. Just imagine if a customer gets a different taste every time they visit your bubble tea shop, how do you think this would affect customer loyalty?


So How does We( Runming Tea Co.) ensure stable tea quality?


First, we are the professional tea source manufacturer and have accumulated a large number of oversea tea buyers for more than ten years, such as from United States and EU. In order to maintain our quality of tea leaves and meet the EU and US pesticide residue requirements, we have our own export quality tea plantation bases, which have maintained the quality of our own tea leaves met overseas standard on pesticides residue. Second, as our tea materials purchasing volume from our cooperated tea bases is large enough every year, we have a certain degree of bargaining power when it comes to buying tea leaves with those tea base farmers. We will not purchase tea leaves from our cooperated tea bases who cannot meet our pesticides residue standard, and we have blacklisted those who fail to meet the standard several times. Therefore, our cooperated tea bases farmers have maintained good communication with us, because we have high requirements for tea leaf quality, which cannot be faked. Under our strict supervision, our tea quality has remained stable over the years, and has been favored by overseas importes.


Second, having independent tea R&D department and barista/bobarista R&D department is crucial. Tea and bobarista R&D should not be in the same department. Instead, they should be independent. If bobarista R&D takes the lead, the product development direction will often lean towards constantly adding various supplies additives, making bubble tea more like a dessert. This is why many brands complain that new bubble tea products are becoming more and more like desserts. The reason is easy to understand. The bobarista R&D department is not familiar with tea leaves since tea leaves are very complicated subject and need to judge its quality & aroma by experienced tea tasters, but standardized fruit juice, jam, and sugar are easier to understand. Therefore, adding more fruit juice and jam will gradually lose the taste of tea leaves, and become sweeter and more like a dessert. If the R&D department is purely led by tea leaves, the development of new products will also become problematic. Because paying too much attention to the proportion of tea leaves in the bubble tea will lose some of the young consumer groups; After all, young people prefer sweet things. However, tea leaves, when mixed with sweet supply additives, can slowly educate young people and make them appreciate the feeling of mixing tea or milk or fruit. Therefore, we have always insisted on having independent tea and bobarista R&D departments. We have always believed that only new products developed by the combination of the two departments are the most market-oriented.


Thirdly, bubble tea suppliers must have a keen sense of the market and regularly launch new bubble tea products to lead the market. No matter how delicious a cup of bubble tea is, consumers will eventually become tired of it. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly launch new products. In the age of social media, new bubble tea products must be not only taste good, but also look attractive making them want to take pictures and update on social media, which can help bubble tea shops save a lot of advertising costs

Below bubble teas are the exclusively hand-craft blooming bubble tea created by us ( Runming Tea Co.) and have obtained design patent in China.


Fourthly, bubble tea suppliers must have rich export experience to eliminate customers' overseas trade risks. Many overseas bubble tea brands at the beginning, used to directly purchase tea leaves from China domestic trade companies or tea companies without any export experience or export license, which would cause trouble when the products arrived in their own countries Customs. Problems are such as pesticides residue which can not meet their country’s standards, or certificates of local country requirements or Customs regulations.  Those certificates & Customs regulations or pesticides residues require tea exporters are super familiar with them, but most of the case, those small or inexperienced suppliers don’t know these at all. The importers they may receive several batches of goods without problems, but once local Customs conduct spot checks and require those related documents or information, the importer often cannot provide them, which will result in huge fines or compensation risks. We (Runming Tea Co.) has more than a decade of export experience and can comprehensively eliminate customers' trade risks, leaving you worry-free. Besides, we (Runming Tea Co.) is Ecocert NOP & EU organic-certified, Halal & ISO22000 certified tea factory with FDA & FSVP registration. We can provide all related export documents and oversea lab English test reports as well.


Therefore, Runming Tea Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier that meets all these requirements and is ready to wholeheartedly serve you.


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Guangzhou Runming Tea has teams of skillful, experienced sales staff with over 10 years experience in tea and exporting.

Our sales team can provide professional tea product knowledge of introduction, profound market analysis, hot-selling products recommendation, package solutions, new products notices, and complete after-sales service such as videos of packing products and timely updating logistics notice, etc.


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