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Bubble Tea Training—The Most Professional Bubble Tea Training Course Directly From China

Guangzhou Runming Food Technology Co., Ltd is mainly engaged in producing high quality   bubble tea tea materials. Established in 2009, our factory is Ecocert NOP & EU organic-certified, Halal & ISO22000 certified with over 10 years of experience in tea manufacturing and exporting.

Currently we offer two kinds bubble tea training packages. 3 days bubble tea training and 5 days bubble tea training.  All the training course are hands-on and can also be customized based on each client’s requirement.

Training Packages

3 Days training package

5 Days training package


Types of producs

40 different types bubble & fruit teas and others

60 different types of bubble & fruit teas and others

After the 3 or 5 days training, below extra service will be provided.

1)All of the products HD pictures;            

 2)Each products English SOP, employees training list, management training list, tea info training list and required equipment list for bubble tea shop

Training fee

USD1000 per person;  additional one person USD300

USD1300 per person; additional one person USD300

First order Goods USD amount


When the goods payment of the first order reaches US$5000, the customer can deduct US$500 for training fees, which means that the customer only needs to pay US$4500 for the order.

First order Goods USD amount


When the goods payment of the first order reaches US$10000, the customer can deduct US$700 for training fees, which means that the customer only needs to pay US$9300 for the order.

First order Goods USD amount


When the goods payment of the first order reaches US$15000, the customer can deduct US$1000 for training fees, which means that the customer only needs to pay US$14000 for the order.

Rough details of 2 types bubble tea training package products are below:

3 days bubble tea training contents

5 days bubble tea training contents

Day 1:


Basic tea knowledge;

How to brew teas;       

How to cook tapioca pearls & other taros

Bubble Milk Tea Series

Cheese Foam Series

Day 1:

Tea knowledge introduction & professional tea tasting learning;

How to brew teas;

How to cook tapioca pearls & other taros

Bubble Milk Tea Series

Cheese Foam Series

Day 2:

Fruit Tea Series

Lemon tea series

Day 2:

Fruit Tea Series

Lemon tea series

Day 3:

Smoothie & latte Series;

Hand-made Pudding & Hand-made Jelly series

Toppings, and reviews of bubble tea making process

Help bubble tea shop floor planning

Help menu completion

Help finalize list of required equipment & tools for bubble tea shop

Day 3:

Smoothie & latte Series;

Ice-creaming series;

Hand-made Pudding & Hand-made Jelly series

Day 4:

New trends bubble tea series

New fruit teas series

Day 5:

Topping series

Reviews of bubble tea making process

Help bubble tea shop floor planning

Help menu completion

Help finalize list of required equipment & tools for bubble tea shop


5 days bubble training course is recommended, because it is more comprehensive and allows enough time to learn and absorb, especially the new trends bubble tea & fruit teas series, which will be probably the top-rated sellers for your bubble tea shops, as those product drinks have very attractive, colorful look and provides innovation idea for your future bubble tea drinks.

How do I train?

We recommend you to come to China directly and do the training personally. Then you can also visit the other bubble materials factory as well; of course, we will introduce other bubble materials factories for you to visit, such as syrup factories, tapioca pearls factories, jams factories, etc). Then after the learning & business schedules, you can also tour around Guangzhou, one of the biggest and modern cities in China.

But now, because of the COVID, we recommend to train on line. We will do face-time communication with you by Whatsapp, and send detailed customized videos of each products making process in English. Most importantly, we will send those bubble tea training course’s tea & syrup by express to your address.

Who is teaching the class?

Our bubble tea training includes mainly two parts:

First part: basic tea knowledge by our certified tea-tasters by Chinese Tea Institute.

They will give you an outline of basic tea knowledge, including 6 tea different categories, professional tea-tasting ways, teas’ main ingredients on bitterness, astringency, etc. With this knowledge, it is much easier for latter part bubble tea training;

Second part is taught by our professional & experienced bubble tea bartender, from the basic part of tea-brewing, tapioca pearls-cooking, then to different bubble tea making process, etc.

Is the bubble tea training class public or private?

It is private bubble tea training course. This bubble tea training can be adjusted based on different clients’ requirement.

How many associates can I bring?

If you come to China to train in our factory, then the training fee is only for one person. Additional each one person, extra USD500/person.

But if you choose online- training, you can share all of those videos to your friends& colleagues.

How do you get started

First, contact us via Email or Whatsapp (Contact information can also be found in our website)

Second, let us know which package you choose.

Third, arrange the payment.

Forth, let us know which way of training you choose. Face to face training in China or on-line training.

If you choose face to face training in China, then we will help you hotel booking and the rest you don’t need to worry. You only need to book the plane tickets and fly to China.

If you choose online training, we will communicate with you in details below:  

1. Help you to customize the required bubble tea shop menu, then send the tea samples based on the menu for you to taste first.

2. Send you a list of the required equipment & tools and other related bubble tea’s materials. You need to buy in local.

3. Send videos of the sent teas & different SOPs, teaching you how to brew teas and making each bubble teas first via videos and face-time communication.

4. If need to change the taste & menu slightly, we will re-send another batch of teas for you to taste and adjust.

5. Send the HD finished advertising bubble teas pictures for you to archive for your bubble tea shop's future use.

6. Send a list of equipment & tools and bubble teas’ related materials for opening a bubble tea shop.

7. Bubble tea shop floor layout consultation

8. Operation & set-up support

9. New trendy bubble teas & fruit teas support. 

So you don’t need to worry online training has not good effect.

What other additional service can I get after the bubble tea training?

After the bubble tea training, we still provide long-term support & consultation to our clients, including below:

1. Menu creation

2. Bubble tea shop floor layout consultation

3. A list of essential equipment & supplies for bubble tea shop

4. HD finished advertising bubble teas pictures for advertisement

5. Operation & set-up support

6. New trendy bubble teas & fruit teas support.

Compared to other bubble tea training courses, our training course stands out with the following distinctive features, ensuring that our trainee clients gain greater value and a superior learning experience:

1.     Personalized one-on-one training: Unlike other training institutions that offer large group classes, we provide personalized one-on-one training, ensuring highly effective learning. Trainee clients can customize their learning plans based on their individual progress and needs. Our goal is to ensure that each trainee client not only acquires knowledge but also gains ample practical experience. We also offer free retraining opportunities, ensuring that they truly master the skills.

2.     In-depth exploration of tea knowledge: Our focus is on imparting professional tea knowledge, enabling trainees to understand the unique flavors, aromas, taste and textures of each tea variety. Additionally, we teach tea professional tea cupping techniques, empowering trainees with the ability to select high-quality tea ingredients. We recognize that many tea shop owners lack systematic tea knowledge, leading to products lacking distinctiveness and unreasonable pricing. Through our training, trainees will go beyond blind imitation, elevate their brand recognition, and create memorable bubble tea drinks products that resonate with consumers.

3.     Customized training menus: We offer customized training menus based on the taste preferences of target consumers in different international markets. Whether it's a 3-day or 5-day training program, our commitment is to teach the latest and trendiest beverage-making techniques and concepts. Such tailored courses help trainees seize market opportunities and cater to their consumer taste preferences, enabling them to stand out in the fiercely competitive bubble tea drinks market.

4.     No additional fees during the training process: We promise not to charge any additional fees during the training process. Regardless of the stage of training a trainee attends, they need not worry about increased financial burdens. We prioritize the trainee's learning experience and are dedicated to providing comprehensive and caring training services.

5.     Regular free updates of new bubble tea drinks products: We regularly provide free updates of the latest bubble tea drinks products. This means that trainees need not worry about being left behind with outdated products. We will provide them with the newest market trends and innovative inspirations. This support ensures that trainees consistently maintain a competitive advantage without any concerns.

6.     Cutting-edge course concepts and trendy beverages: Our course concepts are constantly updated to keep up with the latest trends. Trainees will learn the most up-to-date beverage-making techniques, innovative concepts, and market trends. We strive to cultivate trainees into forward-thinking individuals with strong innovation capabilities, making them industry elites in the field of bubble tea.

7.     No additional sale of supplementary ingredients: Unlike other training institutions, we do not engage in the additional sale of supplementary ingredients. Our training places a strong emphasis on imparting bubble tea making skills, tea knowledge & bubble tea creation, ensuring that trainees can grasp the core content without being distracted by sales pressures.

Through these unique features, our training course enables trainees to acquire efficient, professional, and innovative bubble tea drinks-making skills, while providing them with the necessary knowledge and insights to thrive in the competitive market. We sincerely look forward to partnering with you in building a successful bubble tea business!



Guangzhou Runming Tea has teams of skillful, experienced sales staff with over 10 years experience in tea and exporting.

Our sales team can provide professional tea product knowledge of introduction, profound market analysis, hot-selling products recommendation, package solutions, new products notices, and complete after-sales service such as videos of packing products and timely updating logistics notice, etc.


About Us

Guangzhou Runming Tea Company focuses on manufacturing and exporting EU&USDA organic-certified teas, EU standard Chinese speciality teas and special Chinese Kongfu teawares.

Having our own tea plantation bases and preliminary factories in the famous tea-growing areas in China, we strictly control over every tea-making process to guarantee our Maocha’s quality, taste, aroma & appearance.

Besides, we also have our own high sanitation, traceable tea refined factory in Guangzhou, including the packing workshop, pyramid tea bag OEM workshop, Matcha To Go OEM workshop, etc. For the health of human, we always advocate organic life attitude, and devote to be the advocator and leader of organic teas.

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