Is drinking loose leaf tea good for you?

Loose leaf tea is made using leaf tea, as opposed to the more common tea bag. The advantages of loose leaf tea is that you can use more than one variety at a time, and that it offers a lot of different flavors. But is it better for you? The following are some of the benefits of loose leaf tea;


1.It is of higher quality


The leaf tea is of higher quality, and that is why it tastes better. The quality of the leaf that goes into making plastic bag tea is compromised because it depends on the grade and type of tea, as well as its processing. The loose leaf tea has more antioxidants than the other type.


2. It can go for longer period without getting bitter


Some people do not like their tea to get bitter, especially if they are using a variety which has a delicate flavor. You can prevent your tea from getting bitter by steeping it for a short time compared to the time that you would normally steep it for with the other type of tea.


3. Loose leaf tea is fresher


The quality of the tea is better, and that is why it can last longer than loose leaf tea that has been processed using plastic bag. Plastic bag tea is exposed to oxygen and light which makes it stale quickly.


4. It offers a more diverse flavor


When you use the loose leaf tea, you will have more flavors to experiment with at any given time. Whether making a white or green tea, or brewing a cup of black tea; you will always have a different flavor for each variety even when the same teas are used . You can also use different varieties of loose leaf teas at the same time because they go well with each other.


5.Loose leaf tea tastes better


Because the leaves are always fresh, the tea tastes better. The tea also has certain characteristics that come with it, and it is not the same with plastic bag tea which has been exposed to oxygen.


6.It is cheaper to buy loose leaf teas


When you buy loose leaf tea, you get a better quality tea for the same price that you would have used to buy plastic bag tea. You can also use loose leaf teas for a longer time.


7. It is more eco-friendly than plastic bag tea


When you use plastic bag tea, as much as possible dispose them in the environment rather than in your kitchen wherever close it might be because some of these bags contain chemicals that are not good for you or the environment. Whether it was just brewed or still warm, do not throw them into the bin but dispose of them properly into an approved waste disposal container.


8. Loose leaf tea is more convenient


You can take the tea with you wherever you go because it does not use a plastic bag, and that is what makes it convenient. You can even make your own tea bags using loose leaf teas, and leave them at your office desk or in any other place where you may need a quick fix of the brew.

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