Is Flowering Tea Healthy?

Flowering tea is quite a sight to see. With tea leaves bundled around dried flowers, the result is not only a delicious tea but also a stunning decor item to impress guests with (definitely invest in a clear teapot so you can see the flowers soak)


But this brings up the question, is this type of flowering tea healthy, or do the aesthetics outweigh the benefits?

Tea in general is a healthy drink, with immune-boosting capabilities and the ability to fight of inflammation, a few cups of tea throughout the day is not going to do you any harm. This is assuming you aren't piling spoonfuls of sugar into every cup, this is a different story.


Do these health benefits differ when it comes to blooming tea? Are the benefits greater?

Simply put, yes. Flowering tea is good for you. This kind of tea is full of antioxidant properties. This is able to help reduce stress, aid in weight loss and even help to decrease your risk of developing cancer.

But it doesn't stop there. Flowering tea is a diuretic and detoxifier, which means it targets your liver and kidneys. Targeting these areas results in your blood being cleaned out and the removal of toxins from your body which helps keep you healthy and your body able and ready to fight infections.


How about the flowers floating inside your tea? These are all completely edible and not at all harmful to your body. You could eat the entire flower after drinking your tea if you really felt like it. The flowers used in flowering tea varies, but commonly used are flowers such as jasmine, hibiscus, lily, globe amaranth and many, many more.


How does flowering tea fair when it comes to caffeine?

Caffeine is considered safe, but too much can become dangerous or elicit anxiety feelings and the inability to sleep if drunk too late in the evening.

Thankfully, this is not something you need to worry about when consuming a nice glass of blooming tea. Herbal teas and flowering teas contain no caffeine at all. Therefore a hot cup of tea before bed will likely have a positive effect on your sleep, as it does tend to aid in relaxation.


What else is flowering tea good for?

Did we mention it can help reduce anxiety and stress? This follows along with our previous point of having a cup before bed, or just an afternoon sip when life is feeling busy.

Flowering tea is also able to help keep your hair healthy and more importantly, supports your digestion. After all, a happy gut is what we're all after.


Flowering tea is incredibly good for you, it has many benefits as well as anti-aging properties (yes, you read that right!)

A cup full of this delicious blend will not only taste great and leave you feeling relaxed, but it looks absolutely beautiful steeping in your teapot.

If you're a tea drinker, then we would highly recommend adding some flowering tea to your collection, as there are many health benefits to be enjoyed.




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