How tea is enjoyed around the world?

Everyone knows that each country has its history, customs, and cultures, and so it is with cups of tea.


Tea traditions evolve in different ways depending on each part of the world.


Today tea is adored for its great variety, for its delicious taste, and, besides, for all the benefits it brings to health and its rejuvenating effects.


Around the world, there is a wide variety of ways to prepare and enjoy tea.


Here we will tell you how tea is enjoyed in some parts of the world.


Tea in Japan


It is celebrated in a bamboo house that is known as chashitsu, in this ceremony, the protagonists are teishu and matcha, a powdered green tea that is mixed in a bowl with hot water and a bamboo strainer.


In this ceremony, everything is of great importance, from the china, the china, the flower arrangements, the scents to the conversations and the food.


Tea in China


China is the cradle of tea, Chinese culture is linked to this delicious drink. They adore Chinese tea and consume a wide variety of types, flavors, and colors.


In China, the art of preparing tea is called Cha Dao, which means "Way of tea", it has two very important factors: taste and aroma.


For the preparation of Chinese tea, clay teapots are used, into them, the loose tea leaf is poured with the help of toothpicks or a spoon made of bamboo.


Then the not-so-hot water is added to preserve the flavor of the infusion.


When the tea is ready, it is served in small cups only up to half, this is because the remaining half is the symbolization of the space that affection occupies.


Tea in Russia


A teapot with ornaments about folk stories is used, a silver glass called "podstakannikis", a small teapot that will hold a concentrated tea and a bronze or copper container that has an inner tube to boil the water and also keep it warm, this vessel is called a "samovar."


This ceremony does not require a specific schedule like Asian ceremonies.


The tea has a simple preparation since it is only a question of serving a small amount of "tscheinik" in a cup and pouring the water from the samovar. In this way, each person can make their drink as strong as they want.


An interesting fact about Russian tea is that in the country it is a tradition to drink smoked black tea.


Tea in Korea


This ceremony is called "Gungjung darye" and has been practiced for over a thousand years.


Currently, it is very similar to the Chinese ceremony, although it has less protocol and is much more flexible.


Tea in Britain


The British are fond of tea and its connection with their culture since the commercialization with India began.


Their drink par excellence is Earl Gray, they can take it with or without milk.


For the British, tea time has become a social ceremony over time.


Tea time in Great Britain is known as "afternoon tea" and is held every day between 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. They usually accompany the tea with light dishes such as cucumber sandwiches, scones with clotted cream, jellies, and various pastries.


Tea in Morocco


In Morocco, there is a very strong and important tea culture, to the point of having the preparation of its tea elevated to art. They exclusively use green tea and serve it with mint and very sweet before and after meals in glasses with typical decorations.


Tea in the United States


One of the most widely consumed beverages in the United States is iced tea, especially toward the south where it is warmer.


The preparation of this tea is very simple, it has black tea, sugar, and lemon, raspberry or mint are the most typical flavors.


Due to its refreshing taste, its consumption has been spreading to the rest of the world.


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