How is loose leaf tea different?

How is loose leaf tea different?

Loose leaf tea is popular in China , Hong Kong, Taiwan and other tea drinking places as it is the more traditional way of making tea. The main difference is that instead of putting a small spoonful of tea into a cup or teapot, loose leaf tea leaves are filled completely in a pot where water is then added.

In this blog post we will go over how loose leaf tea differs from bagged tea.


Why is loose leaf tea more expensive?

You would think since more labor goes into bagged tea that it would be more expensive. However, because of the pre-processing that bagged tea goes through, you get all of the bad stuff and very little of the good. So the loose leaf tea is more expensive because there is more quality control and ingredients.


Is Loose leaf tea more potent?

Loose leaf tea is more potent than bagged tea because there are no barriers or filters between the leaves and water. You can put as many tea leaves as you wish in a pot instead of simply putting one spoonful of tealeaves into your cup. This gives you complete control over how strong your tea will be much like making coffee at home where you have complete control on how much grounds to use per cup.


Does all loose leaf tea taste the same?

No, just like bagged teas, no two flowers or leaves of different types of tea will taste exactly the same. Even if they grow on the same plant and look alike. But it is important to note that most companies who package and sell loose leaf tea do so in a way where you get consistent flavors time after time even though there are some slight differences.


How should I store my loose leaf tea?

Loose-leaf teas can be kept either inside an air tight container, such as a glass jar with a sealable lid (better), or in its original packaging (not as good). Loose teas should be stored in a cool cupboard or drawer away from sunlight. If your tea is already in its packaging, you can keep it inside an air tight container to prevent the flavor from degrading over time.


What kind of tea strainer should I use?

The best type of tea strainer that will work for loose leaf tea is one with very fine holes because it will allow liquid to pass through while keeping the leaves behind. Coffee filters work well too if they are clean and new. Using cloth bags also does not let much liquid contaminate the liquid .


Does size matter when making loose leaf teas?

Loose-leaf teas are measured by volume (i.e.: cups, ounces) instead of weight like bagged teas are. This is because the leaves themselves take up space, which means that you need to know how much tea you are steeping before you can determine how much water (or other liquid) to use.

When measuring loose-leaf tea, steep no more than 1 heaping teaspoon per cup of tea (8 ounces). For stronger teas like black or oolong, use 1 teaspoon for every 2 cups of water. One tablespoon is equal to one teaspoons if using fresh leaf teas such as herbal tisanes.



Loose leaf tea has many benefits  such as better taste, more potent and high quality. We hope this blog post has helped you learn some useful information.

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