How is Duck Shit Aroma Oolong Tea taste like?

Time flies fast, the 2021 is coming around the corner. If you ask me what tea is impressed me particularly in this year,  The Duck Shit Aroma Oolong  is worthy of its aroma hits me mostly.

Needless to say its funny name, I like its taste, mixing so naturally while making drinks in bubble tea direction.


1. The story of Duck Shit Aroma Oolong

Honestly speaking , there are so many various types of stores for it ; the following one of it I would like to share:


Duck Shit Aroma Oolong tea, it  belongs to dancong oolong tea  if classifed by its aroma (besides, there are also yellow sprig aroma; xingren aroma; honey orchid aroma,jianghua aroma etc). It origins from Guangdong province,Chaozhou city,Mt. Wudong, Pingkeng Tou village area , the soil has a somewhat yellow brown appearance. The unique aroma lingering around while brewing; the villagers wonder and would like to what its unique aroma & tea bush. The farmer spread lies about the precious tea in order to avoid others tempt to steal it, so he said it is Duck Shit Aroma.


In despite of its true or not, but the tale of Duck Shit Oolong shows us how unique its aroma totally.


2. Why it is so hot in bubble tea this year?

If you are a bubble tea fan, you knows its tea soup is black tea or roasted oolong tea mainly in the market. This year, this newly product- duck shit aroma oolong arises in bubble tea drinks which brings another hot wind.


My personal opinions, the reason it can be outstanding for its unique aroma, thick ,strong taste. No matter making cold-brew tea, bubble tea, fruit tea, its aroma can enjoy well . The other reason, I think it is for its entertaining name ,which cause bubble tea lovers curiosity to give it a try .


3. Duck Shit Aroma Oolong production direction


Tea soup: 300ml

Lemon: 6slice

Golden sugar :60g

Ice cube:250g



Tea soup:240g

Fresh milk:30g



Ice cube: 140g



Tea soup:280g

Fresh mango:80g


Ice cube: 200g


Fresh milk:30g



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