How Does Blooming Tea Work?

Have you heard about artistic teas? Artistic teas, also called "Blooming Teas" or "Flowering Teas," originate from China, where they have been produced for many years. Its consumption was reserved for significant occasions due to its high cost.

Blooming Teas, as the name implies, are teas that bloom. They are single infusions with the appearance of a small spherical bud, formed by fine, dark leaves crowned with a flower.

When dry, they do not have much visual or olfactory interest, but when hot water is poured over it, great visual beauty is unleashed, which floods the cup with a floral aroma.

How Does Blooming Tea Work?

It is a set of tea leaves that are tied by hand with a natural flower, The leaves are folded so that the bulb remains in its center, forming a small ball or pearl. When it comes into contact with hot water, this sphere hydrates and expands, letting the flower it contains come out of its interior.

For Blooming Tea, tender shoots of white or green tea are usually used, choosing long leaves that are rolled together. As for the flowers, it is common to see roses, lilies, yellow chrysanthemums, marigolds, and jasmine.

Apart from providing beauty to the infusion, the flower also adds its exquisite floral aroma in this organic dance.

This demonstration is so fascinating that it is usually served, also in glass teapots and glasses, so that the consumer can appreciate its splendor.

How To Prepare It?

It is recommended to prepare it in a teapot or heat resistant glass jug (borosilicate), large and tall enough (ideally for 1 to 1.5 Lt.) to appreciate the flower in all its splendor (many of the pearls of tea contain bundles of various flowers that float like tiaras when hydrated).

The procedure to prepare a cup of flower tea is very simple.

Prepare it with boiling water, once you fill your teapot with water, drop the pearl of tea and wait without stirring. When the small ball comes into contact with the hot water, the tea flower will open and bloom, offering a unique spectacle while the tea is being prepared.

They do not withdraw from the water since the idea is to appreciate their beauty. Drink your tea and add more hot water to prepare more tea with the same pearl (up to 3 liters).

You must have patience. The entire process until the flower is wholly released takes approximately 6 to 10 minutes. This is when we can serve the tea in individual cups.

Not only is it a beautiful process to watch, but it also has benefits such as weight management, reducing cardiovascular risks, and reducing stress.

Go ahead and give yourself this little luxury and offer it to your guests on special occasions, you will not regret it. They are an elegant way to drink tea and, at the same time, enjoy a beautiful show.

In fact, they are being used a lot to give as gifts at baptisms, communions, and weddings in individual and personalized boxes with the celebrant's data.

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