How Bubble Tea Became Far More Than Just a Drink to People Nowadays?

It is simply the new craze today in teas. Everyone wants to know about bubble teas and what make them so special. Just the name alone is quite hilarious and makes the everyday normal tea drinker become curious and want to know more. This article will help you understand more about bubble teas and why they are becoming more and more popular in today's society.


Where Did Bubble Tea Come From?

Created in the early 1980's in Taichung, Taiwan, bubble teas are tea based. They can be frozen and offer many varieties and flavors. Bubble tea has tapioca balls which bring out the different flavor from other teas. The name came about from people who noticed that when the tea was shaken, that the edible parts resembled a bubble. Bubble teas are also called Boba or pearls because of the tapioca balls inside the tea and now can be bought from tea wholesalers around the world.


Two Kinds of Bubble Tea

There are two different varieties of bubble tea. The first variety contains milk and the other does not have milk. Bubble tea does not have to contain tea, which adds even more of an oddity to the name. It comes in black, oolong or green with the oldest known bubble tea consisting of hot Taiwanese black tea mixed with tapioca pearls, condensed milk and syrup. The bubble tea can also be placed into the blender for an ice cold treat for your family to enjoy. The two most popular blends of bubble tea are black pearl and green pearl.


Is Bubble Tea Healthy For your Body?

When you are using tea inside of your bubble tea, it is healthy for you. Tea serves as an anti-oxidant and is good for heart disease and cancers. The milk that is used offers vitamin D which is often times a major deficiency in many people's diets. The tea is flavorful and the tapioca is also beneficial to your body. The tapioca inside of bubble tea offers protection for your bones. It has a high source of iron, calcium and vitamin K that helps keep your bones strong.


The Popularity of Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea with its funny name and interesting varieties and flavors is one of the many reasons why bubble tea has become so popular so quickly. Bubble teas are now being sold in wholesale arenas and in many cafe's around the world. And the fact that there are so many flavors that you can make with or without milk just makes it more of an adventure to see what is the best bubble tea for you to enjoy. The tea can be hot or frozen, served with fruit or without and offers a beautiful array of colors which goes with whatever your emotions are for the day.


This is how bubble tea became far more than just a drink to people nowadays. It is the tea with the funny name, a variety of flavors and colors, offers hot and frozen varieties, does not have to contain tea, can be done with or without milk and will give you and your family a great drink for any time of the year.


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