Peach Oolong Tea(White Peach Oolong Tea)


Peach Oolong Tea  

Product code: OBTOPR-022
Product name: White Peach Oolong Tea(Peach Oolong tea)
Ingredients: Baozhong(Pouchong) Oolong tea, dry peach, rose petals, food-grade flavors

Origin: Tjpg.jpgea from Fujian, manufactured in Guangzhou
      Exact location: Yongfu town(average altitude 780 meter), Zhangping city, Fu
jian provinceMOQ: 30kg
Package: bulk package/bag or CTN; Customized gift box package, pyramid tea bags, etc.

Shelf life: 3 years
Factory certificates: EU & USDA organic-certificate / ISO 22000/ HALAL-certified factory/ SC facto
Peach Oolong tea caffeine level: moderate caffeine
Brewing guideline for peach Oolong tea:
Hot brew: 3g per pot, 250ml 90℃ water, first infusion 3mins, second infusion 5 mins, third infusion 10mins)
Cold brew: 3g/pot, 1000ml room temperature water, put in fridge for around 6 hours before drinking.

Our Peach Oolong tea is made with Baozhong(Pouchong) Olong tea grown in high  mountain in Fujian province, mixed with high quality dry peach & rose petals & food-  grade flavors.

 Baozhong Oolong is a light-roasted stick shape Oolong tea, which is not easy to oxidize/ferment well to produce satisfied Baozhong Oolong. The reason why we choose Baozhong Oolong tea to make Peach Oolong tea is because this kind of Oolong is quite easy to absorb the peach flavors and can maintain flavors for quite a long time.

Well-selected the ripe white peach flavor, blended with high quality & good aroma rose petals and dry peach piece, our Peach Oolong tea has a very attractive ripe sweet peach aroma & light floral aroma, with sweet fruity peach & smooth Oolong tea taste. After sipping the teas, the whole mouth is full of juicy, pleasing juicy peach taste with lingering light Baozhong Oolong tea taste.

If brewed cold, the taste is more mild & refreshing, whereas hot brew’s tea taste is thicker & mellow. Really depends on which taste you like for our Peach Oolong tea.

Except for drinking them purely, you can also add fresh peach or other fresh fruits to make ice smoothies, or fresh peach fruit tea by adding some honey or milk to make peach milk tea.



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