Explore the Various Types of Bubble Tea

Bubble tea is an art. Bubble Tea could also be called Boba, pearl milk tea, Boba milk tea, or tapioca milk tea. Whatever you want to call it, the drink has so much flavour and taste that once you have had it, there's no turning back.


Bubble tea is made of thick straws with big balls on the end that are used to suck up the yummy goodness of this drink. The bubble teas flavours vary from person to person, but their main ingredients are black tea and flavouring. Some familiar flavors that people order are strawberry flavoured or mango flavoured milk teas with either boba pearls or pudding. Others prefer taro flavoured drinks with different types of jellies instead of Boba.


Bubble tea is an Asian drink that consists of cold tea, milk and sugar. The cold tea is poured over a wide straw, and the customer can sip on their drink while enjoying chewy tapioca balls at the bottom of the cup. Bubble tea has become popular worldwide, and there are several different variations of it available these days.


Milk bubble tea is typically made with soy or whole milk to create its creaminess. It is usually sweet already, so it doesn't require too many extra sugars. Many people prefer this option because it's more similar to regular iced tea than other kinds such as fruit flavours or coffee. However, non-dairy alternatives can be used if preferred. This type of bubble tea is not only creamy and delicious, but it's also healthy.


Milk bubble tea is a combination of tea and milk, hence the name! It has many variations such as:


Mango bubble tea is made by adding mangoes to sweeten the drink naturally. The sweetness from the fruit enhances the flavour of the tea while creating a fresh taste perfect for hot summer days.


Strawberry bubble tea is made in much the same way except that strawberries are used instead of mangoes. The red fruits add pop to any beverage and make it even more attractive for customers to buy.


Matcha milk bubble tea is green matcha powder and dark chocolate syrup. It has antioxidant properties found in green tea, improving cardiovascular health and lowering cholesterol.


Coffee bubble tea is made with black coffee instead of green or oolong tea. The caffeine gives this drink its extra boost for early mornings, late nights or whenever you want to get energized fast.


Tea is served cold until it is ordered otherwise by the customer. These beverages are sold at all times of the day because they provide refreshment without taking away an appetite as hot drinks do. Even if customers do not plan on eating food after their bubble tea, they will likely still enjoy their beverage alongside one of the dessert options available. Bubble teas can be taken anywhere since they come in portable cups that don't spill easily, unlike standard teacups.


Tea is a beverage that has been popular throughout Asia for hundreds of years. It was created in China and exported to Japan, where it evolved into the different kinds available today. All over the world, people enjoy hot green tea on chilly days or cold milk tea after filling meals, and bubble tea can be found at restaurants and street carts.

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