Everything You Needed to know about Boba

Introduction Everything You Needed to know about Boba

 Tea or Boba Tea came originally from Taiwan and was served hot. Now when we learn how to make Boba Tea, it is served cold. most of the proper Boba or Bubble Tea shops serve the drinks placing a seal across the top of the cup with plastic. This allows you to pierce the plastic with a straw when you are ready to drink it.


The traditional way of making the tea was to use a Boba Tea shaker to shake all the ingredients together by hand. In Taiwan, one maker has fully automated the process. The first time Tapioca was used in tea was in 1988, in Taiwan, and the trend became popular.

In the 1990s some Taiwanese people opened the first Boba Tea shop. Soon it gained popularity in most countries of the world, especially among teenage girls who can't get enough of it.


Bubble Tea with Milk


The nicest Boba tea that I have tasted was made from condensed milk and if you are familiar with condensed milk it is very sweet and the flavor fuses perfectly with the milk without adding sugar. This is the ideal iced tea for Summer and then add the Tapioca pearls.

Many people in Asia are lactose intolerant, so using sweetened condensed milk is better for their health, and in third world countries, it is often given to babies as a formula when the mother can't feed the baby naturally. The Bubble Tea recipe below came from Taiwan and makes a refreshing Summer tea

Last Summer Boba Tea and mango became extremely popular, and this allowed the fresh Mango to take the place of sugar creating a healthier refreshing drink on hot days. Milk tea is now taking over as the more popular choice, and it makes a refreshing drink in the mall.




Tapioca is a starch often known as manioc), this is native to the Northern regions of Brazil, and now grows through South America. it has adapted to the heat of tropical lowlands. Cassava is better in unimproved soils and is harvested to make the Tapioca Pearls, but you can buy a Boba Tea kit and make it easily at home.


Bubble Tea for Adults Jar


· Boil the kettle

· Infuse the tea or leaves in boiling water

· Allow it to sit for three minutes

· Then add sweetened condensed milk, use more or less depending on the sweetness level required.

· Add ice and Tapioca Pearls

When you drink iced Boba Tea it is always consumed through a wide straw, and in the Mall, it is usually served in a jar with a handle. It is a big serving making it a good value for money with the after-school girls.



There are so many ways to make Boba Tea, but the sweetened condensed milk method is a firm favorite, if you don't have SCM ( sweetened condensed milk), use whole milk, but it is not the same and it is definitely due to the lovely sweet flavor of condensed milk fusing with the tea.

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