Bubble Tea Is Becoming More And More Popular

Bubble tea is a popular Taiwanese tea drink containing milk, tapioca balls topping also known as boba and sugar. This tapioca-pearl drink was introduced in Taiwan in the year 1983 and since then it is widely spread throughout the world. The bubble tea originally uses red, green, black or white tea as a base, but its flavor is so unique that it is currently mixed with milk, ice cream or yogurt. It is also mixed with fruits, no matter if they are citrus or sweet, the combinations are unlimited. The bubbles are added, in this case, tapioca balls, jelly beans or toppings. Ice is often combined in the mixture, obtaining a consistency of frappe or milkshake.

How did the drink become more and more popular?

Bubble tea was introduced many years ago, but since then it has gained more and more popularity over the years. One of the factors that have made it very popular is social media. Bubble tea shops in the recent past started creating aesthetic drinks and encouraged their customers to post them on social media. The drink grabbed the attention of many people and went viral within a short time. The way drinks taste and look became part of a social feature that every single person wanted to be part of.

The tea also became more popular and bubble tea shops became successful by differentiating brands of the special tea. Bubble tea had a lot of creative flavors that attracted customers such as the mango green tea, taro bubble milk tea and durian bubble milk tea. The tea also had distinct toppings such as popping jelly, cheese, chia seeds and egg pudding. The drink also became more famous because of its aesthetic appearance. 

People shared and commented on the features of this popular drink on the various social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Bubble tea also became popular and famous since it had a unique taste. The chewy topical balls paired with the sweet taste of the tea provided a very unique tasty element for the tea. The drink was also provided in a variety of exotic flavors such as guava, lychee, taro, avocado boba and passion fruit which made it even more and more popular over the years.

In addition to tasting delicious, there are certain benefits of drinking bubble tea:

Helps prevent cancer thanks to epigallocatechin and polyphenols found in green tea. These components help maintain adequate levels of free radicals in the body, which can later develop into cancer or another chronic disease.

It gives you energy thanks to the sugar in this drink. It also helps speed up the metabolism.

Provides a large amount of antioxidants and vitamins, helping the immune system strengthen its defenses. If tea is mixed with any fruit, depending on which one is chosen, the vitamin benefits may be greater.

If it contains milk, it provides health benefits, regulating blood pressure, reducing the risks of type 2 diabetes and improving bone health.

The fruits or toppings used in bubble tea can vary, although bubble milk tea is normally consumed in the world, it is the one that is commonly served.

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