• Matcha Tea Benefits

    A typical day starts with a cup of hot tea for many of us. For fitness freaks, it is green tea, for tea lovers it could be ginger, cardamom or an Iranian Tea. Whatever be the flavor, tea has come a long way on our everyday list.
  • Why Do Puerh Tea Price Rise?

    Puerh tea is prepared from the plants of Camellia sinensis var. assamica.
  • Can Pregnant Women Drink Puer Tea?

    Puer tea just like other types of teas, puer tea has caffeine. Can pregnant women drink puer tea? Puer tea isn't damaging to pregnancy in great amounts.
  • Yellow Tea Health Benefits

    Yellow tea takes its name from its straw-colored liquor. The production process is similar to green tea but with a unique additional step called men huan, or “sealing yellow.”
  • You Should Drink Black Tea As Your Morning Awake Tea

    Have you realized that it makes sense for most people around the universe to sip their morning tea? Well, you should drink black tea as your morning awake tea.
  • Chinese Blooming Tea

    Blooming tea, otherwise known as flowering tea originated from the far south-east region of China, specifically, the Yunnan province.
  • Chinese Jasmine Tea

    Chinese Jasmine Tea, Sweet Smelling, Tasty & Beneficial To The Body
  • Pyramid Tea Bags VS Regular Tea Bag

    Tea can be prepared using loose leaf or tea bags. The dilemma arises when the question is about the shape of tea bags. We all want a tea bag that produces the quality of tea we expect. However, many people don’t know that flat, round, pyramid (triangular) and rectangular tea bags are different in the question of effectiveness and efficiency. This has been a battle over the years that separates lovers of tea. The Advertising Standard’s Authority (ASA) has stated that the pyramid shaped tea bags are a step ahead of the others when it comes to brewing.
  • Oolong Tea Extract

    While there are many varieties of tea available, oolong tea extract is one of the most popular varieties of tea because of its health benefits as it combines the qualities of green tea and black tea. It retains the sweet smell of green tea and the strong flavor of black tea. Though it includes some caffeine, it is used for relaxing and reducing stress levels.
  • White tea benefits

    One of the most delicate tea varieties is the white tea because it undergoes minimal processing. It is named white because it is harvested when the buds are still covered in white hairs before the leaves are fully open. White tea is known for its many benefits as it contains more nutrients.
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